Ip man 4 cast yonah

Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son.

Cantonese English Chinese. Nice to see Woo-ping come back to some street fighting as opposed to wirework not that I'd ever complain about the wirework. The whole thing is revisionist Chinese propaganda of course, which makes it doubly funny to me that it's being offered up in some corners as a corrective to Tarantino's portrayal of Bruce Lee, but that's a whole other conversation.

Anyway I could watch Donnie Yen do the ass-kicking sage thing all day long, and this is that. The Ip Man movies are just pure China and wing chun propaganda at this point but this is China and wing chun propaganda done entertainingly. Wilson Yip said Ip Man 4 is mainly a continuation of Ip Man 3 and that for better or worse applies to the quality of it as well.

Scott Adkins zuzusehen wird aber trotzdem nicht langweilig. So endet das Finale auf einer unangenehm bitteren Note. Review by Allison M. There is some stunning choreography and a heart-felt story.

The story explores different forms of fighting including karate, kung fu, and Wing Chun an offshoot of kung fu. There were great characters, including Yonah Vanda Margrafa Chinese-American who is bullied at school. And here I thought "Ip Man 3" felt digressive and soap opera-like! There's something about this character as personified by Donnie Yen that's become iconic as a protector of the oppressed; it still works even after four films.

And then we have Scott Adkins clearly having a blast playing a drill sergeant so over the top, even R. Lee Ermey would tell him to calm down. Ip Man is the role Donnie Yen was born to play.

Obviously his fighting ability is superb, but Yen's performance is always perfect in other areas, and he's able to convey a lot in silent moments just through his physicality. Ip Man 4: The Finale is not the best film in the Ip Man series, which has really stretched history in an attempt to create a blockbuster biographical franchise, but it is a suitable finale.

Ip Man is older and he is shown as flawed, moving beyond depictions of him as a perfect person. Di saat yang lain, anak dari Ip Man, Ip Ching Jim Liu dikeluarkan dari sekolah karena berkelahi dengan temannya di sekolah. Mengikuti saran kepala sekolah lama, Ip Man memutuskan ingin menyekolahkan anaknya di luar negeri, tepatnya di San Francisco.

Ip Man pun pergi ke San Francisco. Di sana ia bertemu dengan teman lamanya dan salah satu muridnya, Bruce Lee Danny Chan yang memiliki perguruan sendiri.

Selama di San Francisco ternyata tidak berjalan sebagaimana mestinya bagi Ip Man. Selama di sana ia masih saja terlibat masalah. Ip man is still going strong!

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I was exoecting a part 4 would just be those one last breaths for the sake of money sequel, but blind rogue one dude still hit it. Not compared to the first 3, but still something worth to watch. Fightnya paling mantep diantara seri Ip Man yang lain, cukup kaget film ini bahas soal diskriminasi dengan begitu blak-blakan dan frontal abis.

Tapi ya, lagi lagi film ini masih pake konsep villain dan cerita yang sama aja kaya sebelum-sebelumnya ditambah lagi, ini seri Ip Man paling terlemah yang pernah ada. Secara cerita juga lemah, secara pengkarakteran juga lemah ya paling lemah secara teknis nya tapi secara fighting paling oke. The Kung Fu master travels to the U. The fight scenes are obviously beautifully choreographed and well shot but the film has enough drama and character depth to keep you engrossed and features some of Donnie Yen's finest fighting on screen, with the fluid action showcasing glimpses of his prime form.

Ip Man Series never dissapointed me from beginning, the fight, stories and drama is great, i follow this legend stories from elemantary school, Rest In Piece Shifu, and youre stories is timeless.Ip Man comes to America to defeat baddies and bigots despite a diagnosis of cancer, in this highly enjoyable, if politically obvious finale.

By Jessica Kiang. The problem, then, is how to sustain a story that had largely run out of arc by the bruising climax of the last film? The solution the regular team of screenwriters — Edmond Wong, Chan Tai-lee, Jil Leung, plus, this time, Dana Fukazawa — find is to transpose the action to a new setting. And in winky homage to Hong Kong actioners of old, the filmmakers even reinvent a few of their more garish excesses: Shonky crash zooms in to twitching eyes become graceful track-ins to pensive closeups; wire work is present, but minimal — mostly, the physics feels just about real.

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On an ideological level, the film is not so dextrous. In seeking to portray the historically truthful prejudices faced by Chinese immigrants in s America, the screenplay paints white America with a very broad, unrepentantly racist brush. This conflation of Japanese and American cultures could only ever have come from a Chinese point of view, and is an unintentionally fascinating reverse example of the flattening and stereotyping of Asian cultures that American movies have often dealt in.

Home Film Reviews. Dec 22, pm PT. Popular on Variety. Runtime: MIN. Crew: Director: Wilson Yip. Camera color, widescreen : Cheng Siu-keung.

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Editor: Cheung Ka-fai. Music: Kenji Kawai.

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Mandarin, Cantonese, English dialogue Music By:. More From Our Brands. BGR Netflix arrivals and departures for the week of April 12th, Expand the sub menu Film.By jayne on June 20, in Hot Gossip! InDonnie had hinted that a fourth installment would be in the works, but the project did not film until two years later due to his busy schedule. Bruce offends the local people and Ip Man appears in Chinatown to help Bruce establish a stronger foot in Chinatown and win over his adversaries.

ip man 4 cast yonah

Showcasing the power and spirit of Wing Chun, Ip Man earns the respect of the locals. The film will also depict how kung fu grows its roots in the United States. While both are big martial arts stars, they did not collaborate on many films together before. This scene will be the biggest highlight in Ip Man 4. As to the actor portraying Bruce Lee, Pegasus Motion Pictures kept the casting under wraps and has not made an announcement. Source: Sina. Westerners absolutely adore Jackie Chan.

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If you bring up his adultery and how he treats his illegitimate children, they still defend him. Maybe it is more common in the their culture to do those things.

I never was a fan of Jerky Chan but found his movies entertaining. Maybe I will wait till it is online. A bit off topic. North America has its fans who also think that the actors are just like the upright, decent, innocent good guy, good girl characters they portray in real life.

If only they knew the disgusting slime rat that Jacky chan is. Whatever happens to his estranged about to be homeless daughter cry for help over youtube?? For the sake of being off topic, these kind of actors old gen, already established, and have their own company should groom and promote the next generation instead of hogging every movie xD. One of the biggest complaints about the HK entertainment industry is the lack of capable artists to carry the torch from older generations.

Jackie Chan is one of the biggest examples of this there are more but since this article is about him, will use him as example. The irony is how we keep feeling nostalgic and referencing back to the golden days where all these now-super-stars entertained us.

And how opened and willing they were learning from the previous gen. Then we scolded the young gen of today not be so open and learn, but in reality how many golden years people are willing to teach and pass the torch?

I flew internationally between Asian countries a lot for past few years. Andy Lau starred 4 movies out of 15 or 18!

ip man 4 cast yonah

I have yet flown one time without having a new Andy film on the list, lol. In the movie industry, legendary director Johnnie To and scriptwriter Wai Ka Fai are two examples — in fact, the two of them opened a a production company together whose entire purpose was to cultivate a new generation of filmmakers to carry the torch.

And it has paid off — look at the HKFA Best Picture winner from 2 years go, the movie Trivisa, which was one of the movies that came out of the mentor ship program that the two of them created.Sign In. Edit Ip Man 4: The Finale Ip Man Scott Adkins Hartman Wu Jim Liu Ming Kent Cheng Bob Yue Wu Wan Zong Hua Ka-nin Ngo Leung Kan Adrian Wheeler Wight Chris Collins Colin Frater Vanda Margraf Wan Yonah Nicola Stuart-Hill Gabrielle Cox Nico Amedeo Becky John F.

General Armstrong Hannah Templeton-Cox Cheerleading Coach Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Craig Canning Becky's Boyfriend Andrew Lane Cawthon Bruce Lee student Darren Leung Lead Disciple Meng Lo Master Law Brian O'Shea Bruce Lee student Simon Shiyamba Billy He Ye Ip Ching Xiaofei Zhou School Principal uncredited Janine Bromhead Bus Passenger uncredited David Charles-Cully Man at Airport uncredited Steven Dasz Bruce Lee Student uncredited Diego Dati Challenger uncredited Dale Grant Bus Passenger uncredited Darren Grosvenor Master Sergeant uncredited Nathan Head Bus Passenger uncredited Omar Kalik Soldier uncredited Archibald C.

McColl IV Mark Owens Man at Airport uncredited Jade Powell Girl at Airport uncredited Jason RedshawMovies about the legendary martial artist Ip Man have become their own small industry.

‘Ip Man 4: The Finale’: Film Review

The film treated Ip Man as a humble folk hero who liberated the people of his province by teaching them to defend themselves with Wing Chun-style kung fu from greedy bosses and the invading Japanese army in the lead up to the Second World War. A sequel was rushed into production that featured Hung in a supporting role and took even more money at the box office. He flies to America at the behest of his most famous student Bruce Lee Kwok-Kwan Chan and uses the opportunity to look for a good school for his boy.

Immediately, trouble finds him. The head of the Tai Chi school, Wan Zong Hua Yue Wudemands Ip Man put a muzzle on Lee and he refuses, believing that everyone should be able to practice the art form if they so choose. Their disagreement almost comes to blows. Things go no more smoothly for Ip Man in the coming days. His visit to a prestigious school ends with the admissions officer saying that short of a 10, dollar donation or a letter of recommendation from other prosperous Chinese emigrants like Wan Zong Hua, for instancehis son will never get into a decent American school.

Yen, the Fred Astaire of kung fu, is finally beginning to look somewhat his age, which adds poignancy to his performance and adds no little extra tension to his fight scenes; can he still defeat his opponents as handily as he used to? His scene with Adkins, especially, is a nail-biter. This feels at times like a Stanley Donen or Li Han-hsiang movie, with precise framing of weightless bodies in wonderfully lit presentational spaces.

Scout Tafoya is a blogger and filmmaker who writes for and edits the arts blog Apocalypse Now and directs both feature length and short films. Donnie Yen as Ip Man. Vanness Wu as Hartman. Scott Adkins as Barton Geddes. Wu Yue. Reviews Ip Man 4: The Finale. Scout Tafoya December 25, In theaters. Slay The Dragon. The Mindfulness Movement. Lazy Susan.Penampilan Yen sebagai karakter utama di film tersebut tentunya enggak dapat diragukan lagi.

Selain Yen, ada aktor lain yang juga menampilkan akting yang enggak kalah memukau, loh. Kerennya lagi, aktor ini masih berusia sangat muda dan baru menekuni bidang seni peran.

ip man 4 cast yonah

Di film pertamanya, aktris berusia 16 tahun ini harus melakoni berbagai aksi menantang hingga mendapatkan banyak luka di sekujur tubuhnya. Saya selalu menemukan luka baru di tubuh saya setiap harinya.

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Ada adegan yang mengharuskan saya ditampar dan saya enggak sadar jika lawan main saya bakal begitu serius. Sutradara puas dengan hasil akhir adegan tersebut dan saya pun ikut senang.

Namun, orang yang berada di sekitar saya terlihat sangat terkejut. Ada darah yang keluar dari hidung saya dan itu adalah pertama kalinya saya mimisan!

ip man 4 cast yonah

Lewat perannya sebagai Yonah, Margraf berharap bahwa karakternya dapat memberikan kekuatan dan keberanian kepada semua orang yang sedang menghadapi kesulitan, terlebih buat orang-orang yang mengalami perundungan di sekolah. Margraf juga mendeskripsikan Yonah sebagai karakter yang dapat memberdayakan para penontonnya.

Ketika Yonah menginginkan sesuatu, dia akan mengusahakannya. Itulah sebabnya, Margraf sangat menyukai kepribadian Yonah karena dia sangat kuat. Untuk memerankan Yonah, Margraf pun harus melakukan banyak persiapan. Dia harus mempelajari taici hingga berbagai gerakan pemandu sorak. Margraf pun enggak merasa keberatan. Dia malah berharap jika dirinya akan selalu mempelajari hal baru di setiap proyek yang dia kerjakan. Penasaran dengan aksi Margraf sebagai Yonah?

Tags : ip man aktris film aksi adegan. Related Article. All rights reserved.Film ini merupakan film keempat dalam seri film Ip Man berdasarkan kehidupan grandmaster Wing Chun dengan nama yang sama yang diperankan oleh Donnie Yenseperti film-film sebelumnya. Film ini mulai diproduksi pada April dan berakhir pada Juli di tahun yang sama. Ip Man 4 dijadwalkan akan dirilis pada Desember Ip Man tiba di San FranciscoAmerika Serikatbertemu dengan muridnya, Bruce Leeyang menggemparkan komunitas seni bela diri setempat dengan membuka sekolah Wing Chun.

Pada 30 SeptemberDonnie Yen yang memerankan grandmaster Wing Chun Ip Man dalam tiga film sebelumnya mengumumkan bahwa dia dan sutradara film seri Wilson Yip akan kembali untuk film keempat dalam seri tersebut. Ip Man 4 dijadwalkan akan ditayangkan pada Desember Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas.

Ip Man 4: The Finale

Ip Man 4 Poster. Daftar isi.

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Diakses tanggal 20 Desember Ip Man. Ip Man Film yang disutradarai oleh Wilson Yip. Kategori tersembunyi: CS1 sumber berbahasa Inggris en.

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